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I am a queer Intimacy Coordinator and Intimacy Director based in Tio'tia: ke, colonially known as Montreal. My training comes from an evolution of my experience as an actor. Having my BFA in theatre performance form Concordia University (2016) has given me embodied knowledge in the dramaturgy of movement and expression of the human body. Having worked as an actor in film, TV, voice and theatre for 10+ years I understand the range of personal creative processes actors use to approach their craft and how to work within those processes and work mindfully with impulses. I believe that story-telling should be sensorial and I enjoy creating from a place of curiosity and collaboration. 

My personal and professional curiosities about the intersection of sexuality and mental health brought me to the Institute of Somatic Sexology where in 2020 I completed my Embodied Counselling Certificate. Intimacy Coordination and Direction is the culmination of my passion for sensorial storytelling , movement based approaches to performance and advocacy for wellness.

I am in my final review for certification by Principal Intimacy Professionals one of Canada's leading industry groups of Intimacy Coordinators and hold over 200hrs of training from institutions such as IDC, TIE, NSIP and PIP.

Meagan Schroeder Intimacy Coordinator and Intimacy Director



  • Plan B (Intimacy Coordinator) - CBC

  • Thanks To The Hard Work of the Elephants (Intimacy Coordinator - CouKuma Productions

  • What Comes Next (Assistant Intimacy Coordinator) - Next Moon Media Inc.

  • Old Guys In Bed (Intimacy Coordinator)- Old Guys Productions

  • Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation- Muse Entertainment INC

  • A Night with Luca and Sylvia (Intimacy Coordinator) - Glass Man Pictures

  • Fat Lady Sriracha (Intimacy Coordinator) - Sriracha Productions

  • PromPact (Assistant Intimacy Coordinator) - Bear Claw Productions / Disney +

  • Silent Disco (Intimacy Coordinator) - HafCaf Prodcutions

  • Before We Were Told (Intimacy Coordinator) - SK  Enlightenment Films Canada

  • Pulmerian Babushkas (Intimacy Coordinator) -8 Bit Media

  • BDE (Assistant Intimacy Coordinator) - BDE Productions

  • The ReBrand (Intimacy Coordinator) - True Sweetheart Films


  • Be More Chill (Intimacy Director) - Penumbra Theatre

  • Meet Me (Intimacy Director) - Teesri Duniya Theatre

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show (Intimacy Director) - Mainline Theatre

  • Reefer Madness (Intimacy Director) - Contact Theatre

  • The Girl Next Door (Assistant Intimacy Director) - Painted Fern Productions

  • Loosing it All at the End of the World (Assistant Intimacy Director) - Up in the Air Theatre

  • Sages of Chelm (Intimacy Consultant) - Segal Centre for Performing Arts


  • Consent in Creative Spaces - Concordia University Department of Theatre (2022, 2023)

  • Workshop Leader - Introduction to Acting, ACTT 201-  Concordia University (2017 - present)

  • Consent + Boundaries - Concordia Association of Students in Theatre (2022)*

  • Introduction to Intimacy for the Stage - ATUS McGill (2022) *

  • Consent in Creation Spaces - Ensemble 1- Concordia University (2022)*

  • Embodying Your 'No' - Ensemble I - Concordia University (2021)*

  • Where Are You Teaching From - 2 day intensive (2020)

  • Embodiment Coaching - in person/virtually (2020- present)


PIP Pilot Program Introduction to Intimacy Coordination (16 weeks)-  Principal Intimacy Professionals 

PIP Pilot Program Choreography Intensive (3 day in person) - Principal Intimacy Professionals 

PIP Mentorship Program (6 months) - Principal Intimacy Professionals 

IDC Level Two - Rocio Mendez + Charlie Baker

IDC Let’s Talk About Intimacy: Approaching Communication - Yarit Dor

IDC Artistic Directors: Considerations for Intimacy- Maya Herbsman

IDC Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Artists, Part 2 - Maybe Burke

IDC BDSM for Theater, TV and Film - Dr. Timaree Schmitt

TIE Intimacy Coordination - Chelsea Pace

TIE Intimacy Choreography - Chelsea Pace 

TIE Modesty Garments and Barriers - Chelsea Pace 

TIE Best Practice - Chelsea Pace and Laura Rikard 

TIE Staging Sex: Outercourse - Chelsea Pace

TIE Foundations in Race Intimacy and Consent - Kaja Dunn

ACTRA MONTREAL Introduction to Intimacy (2-day in person) - Siobhan Richardson 


NSIP Leadership and Compassionate Communication - Jennifer Baroll

NSIP Kiss Masking Choreography - Rachel Lee Flesher

NSIP Boundaries and Consent in Performance Creation - Mia Schachter

NSIP Representation in Intimacy: Sex and Gender in Performance - Megan Gilron

NSIP Representation in Intimacy: Sex and Gender in Performance, Part 2 - Megan Gilron

NSIP Choreographing Kink - Chelsea Morgan

ICOC Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Intimacy Professionals - Chelsea Morgan

Right To Be -  Bystander Intervention Training 

Right To Be -  Bystander Intervention 2.0: Conflict De-Escalation

Transgender Training Insititute Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Artists - Maybe Burke

Slow Sweat Sexological Bodywork: The New Ethics Of Pleasure - Alejandro Karasik

Mental Health Commission of Canada - Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health Commission of Canada- Mental Health First Aid Supporting Youth 

ACTSAFE Motion Picture Industry Orientation


CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY BFA Theatre Performance Specialization, with Honors, 2016 (training included: Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints, Meyerhold's Biomechanics, Corporeal Mime, Laban, Clown and Stage Combat - Level One)


SITI Suzuki & Viewpoints - Ellen Lauren 

THE INSTITUTE OF SOMATIC SEXOLOGY Embodied Counseling Certification

THE INSTITUTE OF SOMATIC SEXOLOGY Embodied Counseling Supervision Program - Deej Juventin


Here is a small excerpt of what this certification program taught:

  • Engaged in regular self-practice of body awareness exercises

  • Created practices that support increased awareness in the body

  • Studied the development of somatic psychology and BodyMind therapy

  • Studied and developed qualities that support practitioners in working effectively with clients

  • Studied the connection of the body’s systems and consciousness

  • Developed basic skills for working with strong emotion and trauma

  • Facilitated supervised embodied counselling sessions







Meagan's instinctive gifts to collaborate and provide unwavering support, in both professional and personal capacities, has only been greatly cultivated and refined these past few years. Her ability to provide containers to process, create, and generate healing is outstanding. Her work ethic and high level of commitment continue to exemplify her professionalism. These traits, combined with her passion for physical creativity and somatic experiencing make her an invaluable collaborator and team member.
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